Call For Paper. Affirming Authenticity: Sustainable Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Francesca Di Turo e Laura Medeghini sono guest editors di un numero speciale di Sustainability, un giornale della piattaforma MDPI. Ecco il messaggio ai colleghi:

Dear Colleagues,
Cultural Heritage materials represent our history and memory. The preservation of the great variety of materials which constitutes our heritage (historic buildings, fountains, polychrome works) is still lacking a shared method and policy which can assure their conservation for the long term. The diagnostic of Cultural Heritage is then essential for planning sustainable action of preservation which will assure the use of our Heritage, also considering that arts and Cultural Heritage are a source of income for many countries. Then, sustainable conservation is fundamental both for the material preservation of priceless artworks and monuments, but also for the economic welfare of the communities. This Special Issue aims to collect the scientific contributions that have as their purpose the sustainable conservation of Cultural Heritage, considering both the scientific analyses answer to the problem and the social action useful for the building the conservation policies which can assure the preservation of materials for a long time.

You can find further information here:

Thank you,
Dr. Francesca Di Turo
Dr. Laura Medeghini
Guest Editors

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