16 Gen

Call for papers: Acta IMEKO Special Issue – Measurements in Cultural Heritage

The IMEKO TC-24 on Chemical Measurements is promoting a new Special Issue in Acta IMEKO related to ‘Measurements in Cultural Heritage’. The fields of characterisation,valorisation, and preservation of Cultural Heritage (CH) are deeply connected to themetrological issues related to the collection, interpretation, and validation of data acquiredusing different analytical, physical-chemical, mechanical and imaging techniques. Read More

07 Apr

Archeometria su Saturnino Gatti

Proseguono i lavori di analisi sul ciclo di affreschi di Saturnino Gatti nel progetto Tornimparte 2021, in collaborazione con la Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per la Città dell’Aquila e i comuni del Cratere,  che vede coinvolti molti dei soci AIAr nella diagnostica preliminare alle operazioni di restauro.
Intanto sul Giornale dell’Arte parlano di noi.

16 Nov

Aspects of Ancient Metallurgy

Eight years after the 2009 special issue on “Manufacturing techniques from Prehistory to the Renaissance”, that covered more materials, from stone, to glass, painting, metals  and ceramics, archeology is once again guest of the Journal Materials and Manufacturing Processes. The 2017 special issue is entirely dedicated to various “Aspects of Ancient Metallurgy”, from the mining of ores, through smelting, distributon, workshops, finished products and special technologies and finishing of objects. The essays in this volume highlight the production and processing of metals through the ages, from the beginnings of metallurgy to medieval times, and covers various regions, from Portugal to the UK, from Italy to Central Europe, to the Near East, Africa, India and South America. Read More